Another way to jam

In today’s world, news is pouring in from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter at an astronomically increasing rate. I have no doubt that at some point in the future, Twitter will be the number one place where people get their news. When you think about it, it makes sense.

Twitter allows for news to be spread literally seconds after it happens. Camera phones allow images and videos to be posted to the the social networking site, letting followers feel as if they are at the scene. Through Twitter, people get the news in 140 characters, which is just enough for the juiciest information that each story offers. Everything about Twitter is what people want out of their news.

So, it is no surprise that other social networking capabilities are being unveiled that are extremely close to Twitter. However, they offer there own unique twists.

The most recent addition to the family of social networking sites is Ping. iTunes created Ping to allow users to follow their favorite solo artists or bands. A musician can post what he or she is doing at that very moment, which includes the ability to post videos that Ping users can watch. Also, Ping lets people who are following the same musicians to chat with one another.

Some may argue that you can just follow your favorite musician on Twitter, but Ping has so much more to offer from a musical standpoint. Just by opening up iTunes on your computer and clicking on the Ping tab, you can see what your favorite artists are listening to at that very moment or even what songs they are downloading to their computers or iPods!

Social networking is beginning to branch out as it becomes more and more popular. We saw this same evolution for television news. ESPN was created for people who want all sports, all the time. CNN delivers just the top news stories around the globe.

Ping is another type of social network, one that can give music fanatics the ability to get in the heads of their favorite musicians. But no social network stands alone. Each one can be connected to another, like how Ping gives any user the option to connect with Twitter, straight from the Ping page in iTunes. But, who knows, maybe in a few years there will be a social network site purely for all the sportos out there!

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