An original story possibility

Currently, I am starting to work at KOMU-TV, the station right by the University of Missouri-Columbia campus. I will shortly begin my reporter shifts there, and it is paramount to bring fresh story ideas to the table before each shift.

When I was searching for ideas for my broadcast class before I was cleared to go work for the station, I came up with a good sports news story. In light of all the big hits happening in the NFL and the leagues tightened policies surrounding concussions, I think it would be interesting to explore this idea at a much more local level with kids.

There is a Columbia Youth Football League in town, and this would be the focus of my story – to find out if this league is doing anything precautionary to protect kids from concussions.

As of right now, I have not looked into the idea too extensively yet, but I plan to in the next coming weeks. The unfortunate part about this story is that it could probably not get done in one afternoon shift. I would need to catch one of the football games, which would be on a weekend. And then I would need to find a kid that has suffered from a concussion, and probably talk to his parents and doctor. All this would need to get done before the youth football season is over, and with my current schedule of things, I’m not sure whether I would be able to get a quality story done.

But nevertheless, I think it is a very interesting concept for a story, especially because it has never been done. Reporting on a story that’s based on a news release is one thing, but when you can complete a story that’s solely your idea, that’s another thing. It’s something you can take complete credit for.

I wish I had more time for this story, as the youth football league is nearing its final weeks. But if I can get things together quickly, and get permission from the station producer, I think I could get this story done to my expectations.

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